Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a bit of Practice

With reference from p155 & p81 of Fashion since 1900:


DanijelC said...

Really like the top one. You have an interesting sketching style. It looks rough and soft, but you really manage to capture "realness" of the characters (the face of the top girl is implied with just a couple of lines, but is looks so real).

Yi-Piao Yeoh said...

Hey thanks.

I tend to forget how to use a pencil if I don't draw for a while - I have a bad habit of trying to correct lines by making harder lines, hoping it will magically fix things. So these days when I'm rusty, I remind myself not to put down hard lines and it seems to get me back up to speed quicker.

No doubt some of the "realness" also comes from the photo ref (though I didn't capture the essence of the ref as much as I hoped).