Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, Drawing!

This is not a good drawing (arrowed). It's wierd and inaccurate in many ways. But there's something about it... I want to draw like that all the time. I tried all week but couldn't repeat it. Other studies in the background.


Randize said...

How are you doing man?!

Haha down time happens just like the stock market. CNY!

Don't worry mate, you'll get it back. I'm always watching this.

Yi-Piao Yeoh said...

Hey there! I'm good, been learning lots lately. You too hopefully!

Randize said...

Awesome always glad to hear you are doing good.

I'm actually wondering how's your working process between your boss and client. The amount of feedback you get, the alteration and the amount of iteration.

Perhaps you can explain this in your post? Curious to know.

Yi-Piao Yeoh said...

I'd be happy to shed some light. Let me send you an e-mail.

I checked out your site in your profile, looking good there :)